ONEIRO Gowrie Pearl Necklace
ONEIRO Gowrie Pearl Necklace


ONEIRO Gowrie Pearl Necklace

Have you ever met someone and knew right away that they would have a major impact on your life? This necklace was named after a twin flame that is as unique as this Biwa pearl.

Biwa pearls are believed to possess the power of purity that cleans the thoughts of the wearer that flows in his mind and body. It also enhances alertness and increases self confidence.

Figaro chain is Gold plated and measures 18” in length.

Pendant: Biwa Pearl layered in 24k gold measures approx. 1” (varies)

Extender: measures 2”

All crystals are natural formations from the Earth, this means there will be variation in colour, size and shape.

Please see Jewelry Care for additional information on materials.