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"The art of Gua Sha. A little history. 

Gua Sha or body scraping has long been used in TCM for treating a myriad of internal and external issues. It helps in releasing tension and toxins, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy blood flow, and boosts immune resistance.

We love these facial tools as part of our skin ceremony and know you will too!

The face massage/workout:

Your face has 43 muscles, many of which don't get much use either... enter gua sha!

Gliding the tool on well oiled skin ( we suggest our Youth Dew Elixir, Original Elixir, or your other favourite skin serum ) starting at a 15/20 degree angle, transitioning to a 90 degree angle at hairline using swift + continuous motions.

Lifting, firming, reducing puffiness, lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation leading to cell turnover resulting in happy, glowing skin! The super bonus part of this is that your face is a map of your body and internal organs, so you get the extra benefit of giving your internals a little love too.

Tool shapes.. we love both!

The wave is adventurine stone, it's a bit bigger with a more shallow curve. It is great on the face or for getting into the neck and other parts of the body.

The heart tool is made of rose quartz, lower profile and has a deeper curve with a nice cut out for easy jawline massage.

Each tool has been smoothed and polished with our logo etched into the stones and filled so it won't rub off during your rituals. "- Harlow