ONEIRO Ciccia Earrings


ONEIRO Ciccia Earrings

"Inside the chrysalis, a developing butterfly waits to emerge with its wings collapsed around its body. When it finally breaks free of it’s case, it greets the world with tiny, shrivelled wings. The butterfly must immediately pump body fluid through its wing veins to expand them. Once its wings reach full-size, the butterfly must rest for a few hours to allow its body to dry and harden before it can take its first flight. The texture of these earrings reminds us of the process and how growth can be a slow process but the final result is beautiful."

Stud is gold plated brass base with a sterling silver post. Caution with the post as silver is a softer metal and is prone to bending.

Circles are brass.

Earrings are approximately 3.5cm in length.