ONEIRO Serendipity Studs


ONEIRO Serendipity Studs

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Serendipity: noun - an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Call it serendipity or the fact that you have good taste in jewelry but however you got here, it was no mistake! These studs are such a great everyday basic, but basic they are not! We love playing on the yin yang vibes and using two different stones to represent how two opposites can be in balance with one another. You can also wear these up, down or sideways and completely change the look of them to suit you.


  • 8mm by 8mm at the widest part


  • 16K gold plated brass with cubic zirconia stones.

  • Nickel and lead free

Our jewelry is gold plated not solid gold, so special care must be taken to prolong the life of the plating. Please review the jewelry care instructions below before wearing your new jewels. Oneiro will not be responsible for any normal wear and tear on plated items. In some rare cases, the ph of your skin may react with the plating and accelerate wear of gold plating.

Please see Jewelry Care for additional information on materials.